Saturday, March 20, 2010

When your boss drives you batty

Most of us at some time or other, end up in a situation when you struggle to show respect to your supervisor or your boss.  Their actions are deplaudable, they're unfair, crazy, disorganised, whatever, but something happens and you think, "What the hell are they doing in that position?"  What do you do?  You have to work with them, listen to them, obey them.  If you don't, things might get worse for you, and even worse still, you might lose your job or not get paid.

Here are some tips to help you get through this tough time
  1. Imagine them naked.  This always works wonders.  Picturing your boss at their desk naked will always bring a smile to your face, even if it is a smile of disgust.
  2. Agree with everything they say, nodding your head like one of those nodding dogs people put in the back of their cars, and then do what you want anyway.
  3. Find a trusted friend whom you can vent to.  Never vent to co-workers as that's like shitting on your own doorstep.  You never know if they're having a secret liason with the boss, and don't put your vent as your status on Facebook!
  4. Limit your dealings with your boss.  Focus on your work and try and not include your boss wherever possible.
  5. Don't push your boss's buttons.  If you know what sets them off, don't go there.  Unless you're bored and want to create some entertainment, but be prepared for the fallout!
  6. Find your boss's weaknesses and manipulate them to your advantage.  You have to outsmart that nasty boss.
  7. Start to document everything that goes down.  When called into a meeting with the boss, have a notepad handy and make the boss see that you are noting everything.  In fact, ask the boss to repeat something they said, and make a point of making them aware that you are jotting it down.
  8. Don't go to human resources or someone higher up in authority to complain about your boss.  It always backfires.  Those in power will always stick up for each other.  Rather start to collect evidence of their wrongdoings.